Quick workouts for in between: Fit despite little time

Watch out for the sporty and stressed out: You can do these quick workouts in between.

The excuse «no time» no longer counts and «no desire» can also be deleted from your list. These workouts go so fast that you really can’t push yourself anymore. Best of all, you can start in bed in the morning!

Quick workout in the morning in bed

A little stretching and stretching are great, but there’s more! Stay in the warm bed a little longer tomorrow morning and do some sport. In fact, there are a few exercises that you can do wonderfully while lying down — even in bed.

1. Leg scissors for stomach & legs

Lie on your back, tightly tighten your stomach. The legs are stretched up, the soles of the feet are facing the ceiling. Now cross your legs back and forth. The lower you lower your legs, the harder it gets for your stomach. Make sure that the lower back lies on the bed and that it does not slip into the hollow back. If you like, you can also do crunches.

Hold on for 20 seconds

2. Leg presser for stomach and back Lie on

your back, stretch your legs up so that the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling. Legs and torso should form a 90-degree angle. Now tightly tense your stomach and push your legs towards the ceiling. The bottom is raised a few centimeters. If you want to train your oblique abdominal muscles, you can turn your hips alternately to the right and left when you come up.

15 repetitions

3. Hip lifters for legs and buttocks Lie on

your back, loosely stand your legs a little way apart from your buttocks. Tightens the belly and raises and lowers the buttocks. Push it up really, it should line up with your back. If you want to do it harder, lift one leg straight and do the exercise on one leg.

15 repetitions

4. Lateral crunch

Lie on your back, bend your legs and raise them about hip-width apart and put your hands behind your head. Now you raise your upper body so that your abdominal muscles get something to do and bring your right elbow and your left knee together and your left elbow with your right knee. Always alternating. Don’t put your upper body down. 30 times, then a short break and another run.

Short morning exercise after getting up

Once you are out of bed, you can insert a small sports unit before you head for the bathroom. As you wish, you can either crank up your circulation with a little cardio training or start the day relaxed with yoga.

1. Cardio for the circulation

Stand upright and then sprint quickly on the spot.

Hold on for 1 minute

2. Squats for a firm bottom

After you have stimulated your circulation, you can get your bottom in shape. To do this, stand upright with your legs slightly wider than your hips. Tightens the belly and buttocks and then deeply squats. Make sure to push your butt back when you come down — as if you were sitting on a chair. The upper body remains upright but is tilted slightly forward.

15 repetitions

3. Sun

salutation Stand upright. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms up to the sky. Bend forward and place your hands on the floor. First stretches the right leg, then the left leg backward. Comes down into the cobra, the legs lie on the floor, the upper body is supported by the stretched arms and bent back.

Coming from this position into the looking down dog, which means you stretch your legs and arms and push your butt up so that the body forms a triangle. Hold a few breaths. Then raise the right leg forward, the left leg also forward, push through the legs and slowly roll up the upper body. Repeat with the left side.

2 repetitions

15 Training during the lunch break

You should use your lunch break for a little cardio training. Take a walk of at least 15 minutes and don’t stroll, but go really fast and take energetic steps. It’s best to take your arms with you when you walk.

The power walk is particularly effective if you also use small dumbbells or attach special weight cuffs to your ankles or wrists. With this, you train your muscles with every step.

Walken is not your thing — you want to work out in between? Then we recommend a quick but intensive workout like our 5 x 5 flash workout for the whole body:

Quick workouts for commercial breaks

Hanging out lazily on the sofa in the evening is great. But there is also a little bit of time for sport, isn’t it? You can use the approximately 5 to 10-minute commercial breaks for a quick workout in between or take a break between two episodes if you watch series on Netflix. You will see: afterward you will feel much better!

1. Donkey Kicks

Perfect for a firm bottom: the rear leg lifter. To do this, go into the four-footed position and stretch your right leg back upwards so that the sole of your foot is facing the ceiling. The knee points to the floor. Then you raise your knee towards the ceiling. Raise and lower the leg 30 times, then switch sides and the left leg is on. It goes perfectly in front of the TV by the way.

2. Dips on the sofa

Sit on the edge of the sofa, your hands are supported next to your buttocks. Occurs with the feet a little, so that the bottom is in the air just before the edge of the sofa, the arms are extended. Now bend your arms deep and push your bottom towards the floor.

10 repetitions

3. Always goes: planks

A perfect exercise for everyone who has little time is always the plank. Here the middle of the body is perfectly strengthened. Simply support yourself on the lower Tamoxifen Citrate en venta arms by stretching your legs straight out at the back and walking on your toes. Make sure that your body forms a straight line.

4. Push-ups on the sofa

In order to train the biceps, you should turn the exercise over. Stand at a distance from the sofa, support your hands on the edge and go back with your straight legs so that the body forms a line. Then do pushups and bend your arms low. 5-10 repetitions In order to train the biceps as well, you should turn the exercise over. Stand at a distance from the sofa, support your hands on the edge and go back with your straight legs so far that the body forms a line. Then do pushups and bend your arms deep.

5. Side support for the waist Lie

on the right side, tightly tightening the stomach. Then come up in the side support by putting the weight on the right hand and the foot edges. The arm is extended. Make sure that the hand is under the shoulder and the body forms a line. The left arm is stretched straight up.

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